A Guy Used Photos From Facebook To Start An Anime Pencil Portraits Business

An artist got inspiration to start a small art business by skimming through profile pictures at social media sites. Using his talent and love of Japanese animation, artist Robert DeJesus decided to draw them into cute anime-style cartoon characters.

Anime Pencil Portraits


Robert’s drawings have grown in popularity that people now contact him directly to get their photos turned into art. These anime pencil portraits by Robert DeJesus have helped him grow a business he never knew he had and also help fix his car.

This goes to show, a business opportunity could be right under your nose. Carving out your own niche with the talents you have can be the difference of working at a job or doing something you love.

Anime Pencil Portraits

If you’d like a portrait done of yourself, contact Robert here. To view more of Robert’s work, visit http://robertdejesus.tumblr.com/

Photo credit: Robert DeJesus