This Easy To Use Bike Umbrella And Holder Is The Answer To Staying Dry When Cycling In Vancouver Rain

As Vancouver becomes more bike-centric, the city has many aspects planned out, except one. How do cyclists deal with the rain? We found a solution and it comes from the Netherlands. It’s the Senz° umbrella and umbrella holder.



Senz° invented a simple clamp to fit on bike’s handlebars and holds a windproof umbrella firmly in place to protect a rider from the rain. The umbrella’s air stream design can withstand wind gusts of up to 70mph by directing wind over and around it. When it is not raining, the holder can be folded back and align the umbrella along the bike forks

Available online at, the umbrella holder costs €39.00 ($55 CAD) and umbrellas start at €29.95 ($43 CAD).

Watch how easy it is to add onto to a bike:


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