These Clever Ads Were Designed To Keep Toronto Clean But Would They Work In Vancouver?

I wouldn’t say Vancouver is exceptionally dirty but it could always be a little cleaner especially around high frequent areas like Gastown and the Downtown Eastside.

These creative posters for the City of Toronto’s Live Green department are a gentle nudge to their citizens to throw away trash and hopefully inspire you to do the same. However, Toronto wasn’t able to get rid of their mayor so it’s unlikely these ads will have much effect on garbage.


Vancouver might benefit from a reminder but being polite won’t do the trick. What should inspire us to keep Vancouver clean is the $2,000 fine you can receive for not disposing of waste properly.

If you’re a victim of illegal dumping, you can always request “No Dumping” signs for your property by calling 3-1-1 as my roommate did but he put in my bathroom. Still not funny, Steve.

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