13 Super Moments From Dîner en Blanc That Will Make You Wish You Went

Dîner en Blanc 2014 was another super success in Vancouver! Here’s some of the best moment from this year’s event!


1. The wait is almost unbearable as people gather in Yaletown for the secret location of Dîner en Blanc.
diner-en-blanc-2014-1Photo credit: farzadsbarbershop

2. The news is out, Dîner en Blanc is at David Lam Park. The event buses start rolling in
diner-en-blanc-2014-2Photo credit: Photo credit: grantmoore3d

3. A great aerial shot of the event
diner-en-blanc-2014-4Photo credit: gregscott

4. Sunsets and the party begins
diner-en-blanc-2014-5Photo credit: cbcErica

5. These two lovely ladies are looking gorgeous in white. Call me!
diner-en-blanc-2014-6Photo credit: _rotang

6. It’s the first of many toasts to the special evening with friends
diner-en-blanc-2014-7Photo credit: erincg

7. Hey what’s for dinner? Wine!
diner-en-blanc-2014-8Photo credit: keith_wineguy


8. Oh yeah lobster! Someone brought their A-game
diner-en-blanc-2014-12Photo credit: annttoinette

9. Opera singers performed along with acrobats
diner-en-blanc-2014-9Photo credit: remop14

10. Ballet dancers too!
diner-en-blanc-2014-11Photo credit: StylebyFire

11. It’s now nightfall so why not light up some sparklers

12. A great shot of David Lam Park lit by the sparklers

13. Oh boy, they let off lanterns at end the night! I’m sure it’s fine