A Guys Dressed Up As A Chicken Is Giving Out Free Taxi Rides in Vancouver

free taxi vancouver

Back in the summer of 2014, the Twitter account @HiddenCash started to tweet the secret location of envelopes with cash inside.

It first started in San Francisco but copycat account @HiddenCashYVR emerged in Vancouver soon after and continues to this day to leave hidden money around the city.


Not long after that, a free marijuana Twitter account popped up and then a free taxi service which abruptly stopped after a day.

That free taxi service is back with a purpose. They’ve been driving people around the city in protest to the B.C. government’s opposition to Uber and the need of taxi reform in the city.

If you want a ride and don’t mind the driver wears a chicken costume, tweet @YesFreeTaxi.

Join him and the fight to bring Uber to Vancouver, BC, sign the petition here.