Vancouver Canucks Ryan Miller And Eddie Lack Unveil New Goalie Masks

Back in 1995, Vancouver Canucks Corey Hirsch set the bar for goalie mask design when he wore the iconic Alfred Hitchcock Bates Motel “Psycho” mask. Since then, goalies around the world have tried to up their design game but few have even come close.

Although not in the same spirit, Vancouver Canucks goalies Ryan Miller and Eddie Lack both revealed their new goalie masks for this upcoming 2014-15 season today and they look really nice.


NHL goalies normally submit design ideas to their favourite artists who then turn the suggestions into works of art. This year, a 14-year old boy had a hand in the design of Eddie’s new lid.

During the off-season, the Vancouver Canucks held an open contest for anyone to submit a design. 14-year old Justin Mo’s artwork turned out to be the winner with this design seen below:


The legendary goalie mask artist Dave Gunarrsson of Dave Art then converted Justin’s drawings into Eddie Lack’s 2014-15 goalie mask. Here’s what Dave Art was able to create:


Newly signed Ryan Miller went the traditional route and had Ray Bishop of Bishop Designs create an also stunning new goalie mask.

On the back of Ryan’s new mask is the name “Noureen” for his actress wife Noureen DeWulf who, by the way, is great with Charlie Sheen in TV series Anger Management. The other name is “MattMan” as a tribute to his cousin Matt Schoals who passed away due to complication with a bone-marrow transplant.