I Found A City With 10 Times More Rainfall Than Vancouver And It’s Magical

We complain quite a bit about how much it rains in Vancouver but I found a small village in India with 10 times more rainfall.

The village of Mawsynram in Meghalaya, India is said to receives 467 inches of rain per year making it the rainiest spot on Earth and these photos make it look simply magical.





The heavy rainfall is brought on by summer air currents flowing over the steaming floodplains of Bangladesh and gathering moisture as it travels north causing the nearly endless rain the village is known for.



During the two peak monsoon months of June and July, Mawsynram receives an unbelievable 275 inches of rain with the heaviest rainfall coming mostly during the night.


With all the rain, it turned this little Indian town and it’s surrounding forest into an remarkable feat of nature.

Photo credit: amoschapplephotography h/t theatlantic.com