If you’re hosting a private event, bachelor party or you’re an Japanese gang member with a lot of tattoos and missing a pinky finger, eating sushi off a naked woman may just be the thing to get your evening going.

Naked Sushi is an established catering company now open for business in Vancouver offering Nyotaimori, the Japanese practice of serving sushi on a naked woman’s body.

naked-sushi-1As with anything Japanese, Nyotaimori is considered an artform. A woman is trained to lie down for hours without moving and withstand the prolonged exposure to the cold sushi.

Before service, the individual takes a bath using a special fragrance-free soap and then finished off with a splash of cold water to chill the body down for the sushi.


Seeing how Vancouver Coastal Health doesn’t allow medium rare burgers, we would be surprised if this form of food presentation is allowed in the city. However, as the underground dining scene rises, this novelty catering service can elude regulation.


For more information or to contact Naked Sushi to arrange an evening of eating sushi off a naked lady, visit their website at http://nakedsushi.ca/