This Vancouver Canucks Simpsons Logo Is A Little Insulting But I Still Love It

It could be our love of The Simpsons but this Vancouver Canucks logo is awesome albeit a little insulting. Graphic designer AK47 Studios recreated every NHL team’s logo using a Simpson characters and choose Barney Gumble for the Canucks logo. Barney Gumble is Springfield’s town drunk so they may have missed the mark when trying to correlate a Simpsons character with Vancouver or the Orca mascot. Perhaps, he thought Barney drinks like a fish and a orca is kind of like a fish. Either way, Barney is hilarious so we love it anyways but Homer or Comic Book Guy may have been more suited as the killer whale.

Here are a few of more of our favourite NHL x Simpsons series logos:


To view the rest, visit the AK47 Studios Instagram page:

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