A BMW Driver Loses Control On The Wet Roads Of Vancouver And Slams Into A Bus Stop

As nice as it is to have an expensive sportscar, I don’t see the point of owning one in the city. With congestion and traffic lights, there’s little opportunity to put the pedal to the metal and turn that puppy loose. Plus, most drivers aren’t skilled enough to handle the added horsepower.

This driver thought a downhill slope and wet roads was no match for their high-powered BMW M5. If you go to 1:12 of the video, you’ll see how very wrong they were and understand why a new bus stop is needed at MacDonald Street and West King Edward in Vancouver. Luckily, no one was waiting at the stop.

This Easy To Use Bike Umbrella And Holder Is The Answer To Staying Dry When Cycling In Vancouver Rain

As Vancouver becomes more bike-centric, the city has many aspects planned out, except one. How do cyclists deal with the rain? We found a solution and it comes from the Netherlands. It’s the Senz° umbrella and umbrella holder.


Senz° invented a simple clamp to fit on bike’s handlebars and holds a windproof umbrella firmly in place to protect a rider from the rain. The umbrella’s air stream design can withstand wind gusts of up to 70mph by directing wind over and around it. When it is not raining, the holder can be folded back and align the umbrella along the bike forks

Available online at www.senzumbrellas.com, the umbrella holder costs €39.00 ($55 CAD) and umbrellas start at €29.95 ($43 CAD).

Watch how easy it is to add onto to a bike:

h/t dailymail.co.uk

14 Colorized Photographs Brings New Life to Great Moments In Vancouver’s History

Today’s technology has enabled professional and even amateur graphic designers to reimagine moments by “colorizing” vintage photographs. These updated photos can add depth that black and white photos are missing, resulting in dramatic changes.

Canadian Colour is the talented artist who dug through old black and whites photos from Vancouver’s City Archives and put life back into them. Using Adobe Photoshop, they carefully balanced colours and came up with a spectacular collection of “colorized” photographs.

Below are the updated images with the location and dates:

Entrance to Grouse Mountain – 1929
Entrance to Grouse Mountain 1929

BC Motors Ltd Granville and 15th Vancouver – 1918
BC Motors Ltd Granville and 15th Vancouver - 1918

Cross and Company trucks Vancouver – Aug 24 1936
Cross and Company trucks - Vancouver Aug 24 1936

Two girls on a midway ride PNE Vancouver – 1938
Two girls on a midway ride PNE Vancouver 1938

Arch at the entrance to Stanley Park – 189?
Arch at the entrance to Stanley Park

Dai Nippon Tokyo Baseball Club on their 1935 North American tour
Dai Nippon Tokyo Baseball Club on their 1935 NAmerican tour

Morrow’s Coal and Ice Company at 1025 Main Street Vancouver – 1931
Morrows Coal and Ice Company at 1025 Main Street Vancouver - 1931

Mr Carr of the Vancouver Lions – 1930
Mr Carr of the Vancouver Lions 1930

Two Chinese boys standing in a crowd watching VJ Day celebrations in Chinatown Vancouver – 1945
Two Chinese boys standing in a crowd watching VJ Day celebrations in Chinatown Vancouver 1945

Mr Pettifer of the Vancouver Lions – 1930
Mr Pettifer of the Vancouver Lions 1930

People and dog in a car in front of Lumbermen’s Arch also known as the Bowie Arch at Stanley Park – 1913
People and dog in a car in front of Lumbermen039s Arch also known as the Bowie Arch at Stanley Park - c1913

ARP children’s gas mask demonstration Vancouver – 1943
ARP children039s gas mask demonstration Vancouver 1943

Vancouver Millionaires 1913 – 1914 season
Vancouver Millionaires 1913 - 1914 season

AL Amiel Ice and Coal packard Truck for Consolidated Motor Co – Nov 1917
AL Amiel Ice and Coal packard Truck for Consolidated Motor Co - Nov 1917

To see more colorized images from Canadian Colour, visit their Twitter or Facebook page.

I Found A City With 10 Times More Rainfall Than Vancouver And It’s Magical

We complain quite a bit about how much it rains in Vancouver but I found a small village in India with 10 times more rainfall.

The village of Mawsynram in Meghalaya, India is said to receives 467 inches of rain per year making it the rainiest spot on Earth and these photos make it look simply magical.





The heavy rainfall is brought on by summer air currents flowing over the steaming floodplains of Bangladesh and gathering moisture as it travels north causing the nearly endless rain the village is known for.



During the two peak monsoon months of June and July, Mawsynram receives an unbelievable 275 inches of rain with the heaviest rainfall coming mostly during the night.


With all the rain, it turned this little Indian town and it’s surrounding forest into an remarkable feat of nature.

Photo credit: amoschapplephotography h/t theatlantic.com

Get Ready To Fall In Love When You See These Giant White Balls

If you dined at this year’s Dîner en Blanc or saw some of the photos from the event, you may have spotted some pretty big white balls with the word LOVE emblazoned across it. It turns out, they were created by a local Vancouver designer.

bigloveball-3Photo credit: bigloveball

Vancouver’s own Wendy Williams Watt created the Big Love Ball as an invitation to make a moment, spark dialogue and mostly importantly, spread love.

Williams Watt says “our intention is to send Big Love Balls to places we’ve never been, events we cannot attend and to friends we’ve never met. We want to charm, disarm, honor and include the many people in the world who celebrate LOVE.”

bigloveball-4Photo credit: bigloveball

With a bit of clever marketing, the Big Love Ball can be seen all over North America and they’re slowly making their way around the world.

bigloveball-5Photo credit: leannepedersen

If you want one for your event, home or business, you can purchase them in three different sizes at bigloveball.com

bigloveball-2Photo credit: taylor_toner

Top Photo credit: 5ive15ifteen

Your Fantasy Of Eating Sushi Off A Naked Woman In Vancouver Is Now A Reality

If you’re hosting a private event, bachelor party or you’re an Asian gang member with a lot of tattoos and missing a pinky finger, eating sushi off a naked woman may just be the thing to get your evening going.

Naked Sushi is an established catering company now open for business in Vancouver offering Nyotaimori, the Japanese practice of serving sushi on a naked woman’s body.

naked-sushi-1As with anything Japanese, Nyotaimori is considered an artform. A woman is trained to lie down for hours without moving and withstand the prolonged exposure to the cold sushi.

Before service, the individual takes a bath using a special fragrance-free soap and then finished off with a splash of cold water to chill the body down for the sushi.


Seeing how Vancouver Coastal Health doesn’t allow medium rare burgers, we would be surprised if this form of food presentation is allowed in the city. However, as the underground dining scene rises, this novelty catering service can elude regulation.


For more information or to contact Naked Sushi to arrange an evening of eating sushi off a naked lady, visit their website at http://nakedsushi.ca/

This One Trick Can Reduce Road Rage In Vancouver

It would be nice to see all Vancouver drivers try to be a little more courteous, as they are in Japan. The simple act of flashing your hazard lights, is an easy way to say thanks for letting you to merge or to defuse any tense situations on the road. Try it today!

Vancouver Sushi Lovers Will Go Crazy For These Socks

Judging by the number of sushi restaurants in the city, there’s no doubt the people of Vancouver love sushi. What better way to show your love than to wear sushi socks! These sushi socks are so kawaii and perfect to wear when eating your Dynamite roll!  Made to look like nigiri sushi, they almost look edible.





Seven versions are available for $5.39 USD each at otakumode.com: Masuzushi (trout sushi), Shrimp, Octopus, Red Caviar, Tuna, Salmon, and Egg. These Sushi Socks made in Toyama, Japan make a great gift for fans of Japanese cuisine!

H/T ufunk.net

Pole Dancing On The Beach Is Typical Vancouver

Stretching in a yoga class, while a sweaty guy groans behind you, should make you want to try a different kind of fitness activity. We found the most Vancouver form of exercise since yoga on paddleboards and it can also help make it rain loonies. It’s pole dancing on the beach!

Leave cycling around the seawall to Shania Twain. Pole dancing at Locarno Beach has that Vancouver vibe and a great way to build strength while training you for a new career, if you’re under 25.


Normally, Tantra Fitness offers pole dancing, aerial and dance fitness classes at their Gastown studio. However, on a beautiful Vancouver day, how could you not pack up your pole and head to the beach?

Photo credit: polemermaid

Photo credit: Annavr

This May Be The Greatest Vancouver Fireworks Video Ever

Taking your $3,000 Canon 5D camera, mounting it on a tripod and waiting until 10:00 pm to film the Celebration of Lights fireworks now seems rather basic compared to the effort put into this clip.

The team behind the Youtube video titled “Sparks: A Honda Celebration of Light Story” took the time to create a story, shoot at multiple Metro Vancouver locations and artfully edit together the video perfectly.

Blending in tilt-shifting and stop motion into a timelapse, Active Ingredient Creative Studio really know their stuff. We can’t wait for their next project!

A Day in the Life of an Urban Reef Timelapse

The Urban Reef, currently sitting outside the Vancouver Art Gallery at 800 Robson Street, may have helped influence some special moment during the Summer of 2014. The design team behind the Urban Reef for Viva Vancouver’s Robson Redux delivered in creating an installation focusing on connectivity. Latreille Delage Photography captured some of the special moments visitors shared at the Urban Reef in this “A Day in the Life of an Urban Reef” timelapse.

A Vancouver Driver Dangerously Drives Down A Bike Lane And Narrowly Misses A Cyclist

A new video has surfaced showing another driver who thinks the bike lanes are actually meant for cars in Vancouver. The driver seems confused as they switch from the bike lane, to the street and then back again through an alley.

This seems to be an ongoing occurrence so should Bike Lanes be marked with more visible “No Cars” signs or have pylons installed at intersections blocking cars?

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