A Beer Can From A Vancouver Microbrewery Has Stolen My Heart Forever

Anyone raised in Vancouver will instantly connect with these new Parallel 49 Craft Lager beer cans as it pays homage to one of our city’s most iconic symbols. Microbrewery Parallel 49 Brewing Co. drew inspiration from the East Van cross and created a logo that will really stand out at Vancouver liquor stores.



Brewed at their East Vancouver microbrewery, the new Craft Lager can be found at some of Vancouver’s finest private beer and wine stores including Brewery Creek on Main Street, Cedar Cottage Liquor Store on Clark Drive, O’Hare’s in Steveston and available on tap at The Blackbird in downtown Vancouver.

east-van-monument-1Photo credit: kk

The East Van monument sitting at East 6th Avenue and Clark Drive was created by artist Ken Lum but the symbol itself was designed by an unknown artist. The logo is said to be trademarked by a member of the Hell’s Angel even though it was seen around East Vancouver decades before the gang’s inception.