Sixgill Shark Caught On Camera Close To Vancouver

It may not make it onto Shark Week but the Vancouver Aquarium posted this video clip on their Youtube account, courtesy Nuytco Research Ltd, of a sixgill shark swimming in Howe Sound, which is only 45km from Vancouver.

The sixgill shark is fairly common to the area but little is known about them. Fisherman and deep sea divers have found them near Kelvin Grove and Ansell Place a few years ago, but this is the most recent sighting close to Vancouver, BC.


A sixgill shark is also known as a cow shark and can grow up to 3.5 metres for males and 5 metres for females. They can be seen at depths of 30 m (98 ft) and shallower during parts of the year in some specific places. Younger sixgills eat fish and squid, whereas adults will eat seals.

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