Vancouver Filmed Series ‘The Flash’ Pilot Leaked Online

The CW’s new Vancouver filmed TV series The Flash is premiering the pilot episode at 8pm on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014. This pilot was actually filmed back in March, 2014 as a way to sell the show to networks. If you can’t wait 3 more months, that completed episode was just leaked onto torrent sites to download.

Luckily for us, a trusty acquaintance who works the underground night markets on Annacis Island screened the pilot last night on the side of his van and it was fantastic! To quickly summarize without giving any spoilers, The Flash tells the modern tale of Barry Allen, a young CSI assistant who gets struck by lighting only to wake up from a coma 9 months later with super speed.


Aided with these great powers, Barry’s quest for justice comes from his desire to find his mother’s killer, which will likely be this season’s underlying story driver. The pilot episode is filled with links to future characters and an awesome cliffhanger allowing for so many future possibilities of tie-ins or spin-off series.

Most scenes of Vancouver can already be seen in the trailer but if this show is a hit, that means more jobs for the B.C. film industry. DC Comics hit another home run with this one so hopefully the fans will be there to watch.