These Vancouver Apartments Are Filled With Character And That’s Just The Lobby

Many West End apartment buildings were built during 1950 to 1970 in Vancouver. These buildings had a similar design and Emily Carr photographer Chris Gergley put together a series of images focusing on the uniqueness of each apartment lobby. Photographed from outside looking through the glass entrances, a personality of each building emerges from the décor and colours.



In 1950, these apartments were rented for less than your mobile phone bill and gym membership.


Most of these apartment buildings don’t have elevators and didn’t include an in-suite laundry.


An apartment back in the day cost 2-3 times the average annual income to buy. It’s at least 10x that now.


Maintenance fees were less than 2 large pizzas today.


Door to door peddlers were common and disliked in those days similar to spam emails today.


There’s a strong American and Californian influence in some of the building names.


If your building had a buzzer, it was considered modern.


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