The Vancouver Canucks Just Got A New Jersey And It’s Kinda Okay


Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Vancouver Canucks unveiled a new jersey that will fit nicely under any Christmas tree. This bold, victory green Reebok jersey with Johnny Canuck emblazoned across the chest, is currently only available at the Canucks Team Store at Rogers Arena but will be available at other retailers in a few weeks.

vancouver-canucks-new-jerseyPhoto credit: CanucksStore


In case you hate the colour or the logo, before you race over to Trevor Linden’s office with broken hockey sticks, these new jerseys will not be worn by Canuck players in NHL games and are considered a “fashion” jersey for fans only.

Judging by a few tweets, some Canuck fans aren’t liking the green sweater or the logo which is little odd since they’ve been around for quite awhile. What we like about it is the step away from the Orca logo and an attempt to finally focus on the true meaning of the best team name in sports.