Whose Bike Lane Is It Anyway in Vancouver

A Tumblr blog is documenting the struggles Vancouver drivers have with designated Bike Lanes in the city and it’s easy to understand why. The bike icon is confusing and someone should paint the lanes green.

There’s no parking so a bike lane is the perfect alternative. Plus, no meters either so it’s free parking.

whoselaneisitanyway2Whose Lane Is It Anyway

The driver needs to make a delivery so go around. Cycling on the sidewalk is safe for you and pedestrians, they will expect you coming.

whoselaneisitanyway3Whose Lane Is It Anyway

It looks like an emergency so Vancouver Police need to commandeer a bike lane. Don’t worry, they won’t take your bike.

whoselaneisitanyway5Whose Lane Is It Anyway

Someone needs to incorrectly deliver those new $1 stamps so please wait until they leave before passing.

whoselaneisitanyway6Whose Lane Is It Anyways

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